Intro to Nursing 1 & 2


Intro to Nursing 1 & 2

High School Credits: 1 Credit per semester

This is part one (Fall semester) of a two-part, full year course. Students must also register for part two, Intro to Nursing Part 2, for the spring semester. The courses provide and orientation to becoming a Nurse Aide and explores the in-depth requirements of the entry-level nursing profession. 


  • Health Care System, Communicating in Health Care Environment, Infection Control and Medical Asepsis, Body Systems and Disorders, Community Health & First Aid, Maintaining a Safe Environment, Basic Nursing Skills, Nutrition, Dying & Death, Drug Addiction, and Pain Management


Nurse Aide Certification (CNA): Students interested in pursuing the CNA are required to participate in a 40 hour clinical rotation in which they will work collaboratively and be observed by a Registered Nurse on-site. This requirement is outside of normal class hours. Students will be responsible for providing their own transportation to the clinical site. Students may also be required to purchase their own uniforms, health insurance, liability insurance, proof of vaccines, a health physical, background check and drug screening. The cost of these requirements is the responsibility of each student. The course instructor will work closely with students to support students throughout this process.

Program Features: 

  • Field Trips: Students may visit a variety of local health care agencies for observational experiences
  • HOSA- Future Health Professionals

Student Career Pathway Examples

The study of Health Sciences and addional post-secondary study may lead to these careers:

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  • Registered Nurses constitute the largest healthcare practitioners and technical occupations, with around 2.8 million jobs in 2015.
  • Employment of registered nurses is projected to grow 16% through 2025, faster than the average for all occupations according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Student Career Pathway Examples

The study of Health Sciences and additional post-secondary study may lead to these careers: