Teachers for Tomorrow


High School Credits: 1 Credit each level (or 1 Credit per level)

Teachers for Tomorrow 1
Students will learn from the perspective of the student and teacher in the classroom.  Teachers for Tomorrow level 1 addresses student learning styles, development, and self-esteem importance.  Students will also learn about classroom management, procedures and routines, and differentiation techniques teacher’s use in the classroom.  Additionally, students participate in observation experiences at the pre-school, elementary, middle, and high school levels in the fall/winter.  
Teachers for Tomorrow complete a field experience internship where they become acquainted with teachers and teaching on a personal and professional level in a classroom setting in the spring.  Students will create lesson plans related to the Virginia Standards of Learning and teach a class as part of the field experience.

Teachers for Tomorrow 2
Students continue to explore and build upon the level one course.  This course provides the opportunity for students to prepare for careers in education as they research postsecondary options, learn about the process of teacher certification in Virginia, and participate in two field experience internships. 

Teachers for Tomorrow explore new concepts and ideas focusing in the areas of special education and English as a Second Language (ESOL) education. Additionally, students complete two field experience internships (fall/winter, spring) where they continue to become acquainted with teachers and teaching on a personal and professional level in a classroom setting.  Students will continue to create lesson plans related to the Virginia Standards of Learning and teach classes as part of the field experience internships.

Program Features:

Teachers for Tomorrow 1

  • Develop an understanding of cognitive, physical, and moral growth in children
  • Observe and assess various classroom settings to learn more about the teaching profession, classroom organization, lesson planning, and career options
  • Learn the importance of networking, career exploration, and resume writing
  • Create lesson plans using various formats
  • Research course curriculums required by the VA Department of Education
  • Become comfortable in a classroom setting through completing an internship
  • Create a portfolio showcasing all course work

   Teachers for Tomorrow 2

  • Create lesson plans during internship using the LEARN Model
  • Develop a deeper understanding of students with special needs, classroom accommodations, and laws
  • Develop an understanding of ESOL programs, student needs, and teacher accommodations for students
  • Assess technological innovations and their effects on instructional strategies
  • Explore the career possibilities and various school settings in the school environment
  • View the learners' perspectives within schools and examine the variety of learners and how the curriculum meets their needs
  • Become familiar with law (state, federal, and school board policies) and ethics relative to teaching and students
  • Update portfolio from level one course

***Transportation: students coming from other schools must provide their own transportation to/from all observation and internship experiences. Students can drive self, parent, or partner with another TFT student that is at the same school.

*Teachers for Tomorrow students earn dual enrollment course credits through Northern Virginia Community College.  Note: ALL STUDENTS ENROLLED IN THE COURSE MUST BE ELIGIBLE TO DUAL ENROLL-PLEASE SPEAK WITH YOUR COUNSELOR ABOUT ELIGIBILITY. 

The study of Teachers for Tomorrow with additional post-secondary study may lead to these careers:

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