Directions & Parking


4201 Stringfellow Road, Chantilly, VA 20151

Chantilly Academy is located inside Chantilly High School.  The main entrance for the Academy is Door #5


For students wishing to drive to Chantilly Academy

  • Students CAN NOT drive to the Academy until they are approved to do so by the Academy office.  The only exception is for students that do not have FCPS shuttles available to them.
  • Students who would like to drive to the Chantilly Academy must apply for an Academy parking pass.  All forms must be turned in before a parking pass will be issued.
  • If you have purchased a parking pass from your base school, there are no additional fees for the Academy parking pass however, an application is still required.
  • If you do not have a parking pass from your base school and you wish to purchase one for your Academy class, you must still go through the application process and you must pay for your space here.  The parking pass rate will be determined based on your parking needs.
  • Parking applications will be processed during the first few weeks of school.  If your student has been approved for parking privileges, his/her Academy teacher will be notified by the Academy office when the pass is ready for pick up.  Again, students should not drive until a pass is provided.
  • Students without FCPS shuttles can stop by the Academy office to obtain a temporary pass.  
  • Parking passes are NOT TRANSFERABLE!  Once you are assigned a parking pass, do not share your space.  Your parking privileges can be revoked if this occurs.

** There will be no fees charged for the remainder of 20-21 school year**

To be eligible to drive and park at Chantilly Academy, students must do the following:

  1. Complete/Return to the Academy office the Chantilly Academy Parking Application (part 1 of 2).
  2. Complete/Return to the Academy office the Application for Use of Private Automobile School Session form IS-141 via the FCPS Forms listing (part 2 of 2).  If this specific form was completed at the base school, we will accept a copy of this form.
  3. You may also get a copy of the applications from Mrs. Nicholls in the Academy Office.
  4. Submit a copy of the sales receipt from the purchase of your student’s base school parking pass.
  5. Upon approval and receipt of an Academy parking pass, students should attach their base school pass and the Academy pass so that information from both passes are in plain view.  Failure to do so will potentially incur parking violation fees.
  6. Please e-mail a copy of both applications to @email

Additional Driving and Parking information

  • Chantilly HS and Chantilly Academy parking is specifically assigned by number.  At no time, should visitors or students park in a numbered spot without prior approval.  If students must drive to the Academy, contact the Academy office at 703-222-7460 for assistance.
  • If your student makes arrangements to ride with another student with driving privileges and that student is absent, have a backup plan because he/she will not be cleared for missing class.
  • If a student is late or absent when driving OR riding in a car to the Academy, the absence/tardy is not excused.  Traffic jams, speeding tickets, car trouble, and fender benders all fall into this category. This is FCPS policy.
  • Obey all traffic laws:  observe speed limits, obey Virginia’s passenger limits for young drivers. Please Be Safe and Drive Very Carefully!
  • Westfield and Centreville students must have permission from their principal before driving to Chantilly Academy. 

Students and employees must display their issued FCPS parking decal to park in the lot--be sure to park in your assigned space. 

There a few visitor parking spaces along the parking lot outside of Door #5, the rest are located at the front of Chantilly HS, main entrance.

Parking Enforcement

Security will be issuing tickets to vehicles parked on the school grounds without decals.