Network Administration


High School Credits: 1 Credit each level

Network Administration 1 is a comprehensive, hands-on computer course where students learn basic networking skills using Windows and Microsoft Server.  Topics covered throughout the year include 98-366-Networking-Fundamentals, 98-364-Database-Administration-Fundamentals. Network Administration is designed to teach many aspects of Cyber Security through Network and Database administration.  Students learn virtualized networking, database, and security concepts.  Students learn how to install the operating systems, set up and manage accounts, load software, and set up and implement security plans.  

Network Administration 2 Cyber: Network Administration II continues to teach aspects of network administration, focusing on the management and support of network users and systems. The topics covered include understanding the responsibilities of computer professionals, training end users, evaluating new technology, developing system policies, troubleshooting workstations, managing network services and protocols, and effectively using email and business communications. Students learn communication protocols, troubleshooting techniques for systems and client-server networks, website management, and other advanced networking topics. Techniques that are used to install operating systems, setup and manage accounts, load software, and create and implement security plans are taught. This course may provide instruction about software-based network operating systems, such as Windows Server or Linux. Instruction will emphasize preparation for industry certification. Upon successful completion of Cyber: Network Administration II, students may elect to obtain industry-recognized professional certification.

Program Features

  • CyberPatriot-National Youth Cyber Education Program


  • Network+ (N10-005)

Student Career Pathway Examples 

The study of Network Administration with additional post-secondary study may lead to these careers:

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for network and computer systems administrators in May 2015 was $77,810

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