Attendance Form

Parents/legal guardians may submit an absence or late arrival online

Submit an absence using our attendance form below or by calling 703-222-7496.

  • It is the responsibility of the parent/legal guardian to report absences to both your student's base school and Chantilly Academy
    • Notifying a base school does not excuse your student from Chantilly Academy and vice versa. This includes contacting us when your student must stay at a base school for events (pep rallies, testing, modified schedules, etc.). It is important to note that your student's attendance at Chantilly Academy is completely separate from base school attendance.
  • All early dismissals must be called in on the attendance line at 703-222-7496. However, if the requested dismissal is less than 1 hour prior to the requested dismissal time, the parent/legal guardian must call directly to the academy office at 703-222-7460
This attendance form is to be submitted by the parent/legal guardian only.
Are you submitting a full day absence or a late arrival
Will your student be missing their base school for the same date(s) being reported on this form?
Has your students base school been notified of this absence being reported below?
Please signing in at the Academy Office inside door 5 before heading to class.
If reporting an ill student, include symptoms, especially if they have fever, nausea, vomiting, sore throat, and/or cough. If your student has a diagnosis from a healthcare provider, please include that information.

Parent/Legal Guardian Contact Information

Not required.
This can be used as a legal document and fraudulent if submitted by a student claiming to be a parent/legal guardian.