Computer Systems Tech (A+)

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High School Credits: Level 1: 1Credit & Level 2: 2 credits

The Computer Technology program is a two-year course designed for college-bound students as well as students interested in pursuing a career in the computer and cyber security industry. Students will develop hardware, software, networking and security skills and related knowledge essential for the successful transition into the computer industry, not to mention useful for all computer users.  The emphasis of the class will be placed on computers, laptops, computer components, networks, security, mobile devices, wireless and related peripheral equipment as well as Windows Operating Systems and command line interface (CLI).  Students who are successful in this course will be encouraged to take the CompTIA A+ Certification Exam, a certification required to enter the computer/cyber security industry. 

This course is competency based; utilizing computer based training systems (simulated A+ tests allow students to practice).

Program Features

  • Build refurbished computers for Fairfax County Public Schools
  • Design and build personal computers
  • CyberPatriot-National Youth Cyber Education Program
  • FBLA


  • The A+ certification is recognized as the national standard for Computer Service Technicians and is also required to enter into most Cyber Security positions. Completion of this course and the A+ Exam will allow students to seek part-time and full-time employment with high-tech companies throughout the Washington Metropolitan Area.
  • Workplace Readiness Skills

Student Career Pathway Examples

The study of Computer Systems Tech with additional post-secondary study may lead to these careers:

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  • According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for computer network support specialists was $62,250 in May 2015. The top 10 percent earned more than $106,310.

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