Robotic Systems

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Level 1

Our ability to function and progress in the modern age is dependent on electronics and robotics technologies. This course provides a depth and breadth of the basic skills required in today’s automated manufacturing environment. Students will explore careers, build circuits, and use principles of physics to analyze basic electronic and robotic components.

The topics covered include:

· Introduction to advanced manufacturing systems Robotics interface with MATLAB

· Software and computer-assisted manufacturing technologies

· Create projects using Arduino

· 3D Printing and Plasma Cutting

· Create simulated Mars Rover

· Understanding of the production process, from design to prototyping and production

· Application of business concept

· Understanding the value of teamwork and other work behaviors

· Safety practices

Level 2

This course provides instruction in programming robots used in assembly and manufacturing settings. Students will work with various power systems while acquiring machining, welding, and system engineering skills.


Workplace Readiness for the Commonwealth

The study of STEM Robotics with additional post-secondary study may lead to these careers:

· Robotics Engineers 

                 *Bright Outlook* *Green Job*

· Robotics Technicians 

                 *Bright Outlook* *Green Job*

· Electro-Mechanical Technicians 

                 *Green Job*

· Mechanical Engineering Technicians

· Mechanical Engineering Technologists 

*Bright Outlook* *Green Job*

· Manufacturing Production Technicians 

*Bright Outlook* *Green Job*

· Industrial Engineering Technicians 

*Green Job*

· Manufacturing Engineering Technologists *Bright Outlook* *Green Job*