STEM Robotic Systems

High School Credits: 1 credit for each level .5 Honors Weight

This course provides an orientation to high demand, high salary careers in advanced manufacturing, including semiconductors, and pharmaceuticals. Students will participate in individual and team activities to create products that demonstrate the critical elements of manufacturing and in field trips to advanced manufacturing industry in Northern Virginia.

The topics covered include: • introduction to advanced manufacturing systems • software and computer assisted manufacturing technologies, robotics • safety practices • exploration of materials and processes • understanding of the production process, from design to prototyping and production • application of business concepts • understanding the value of teamwork and other work behaviors

Program Features

  • Take an in-depth look into a high-demand, high-need career
  • Create projects using Arduino
  • Robotic interface with MATLAB
  • 3D Printing and Plasma Cutting
  • Create simulated Mars Rover


  • Workplace Readiness Skills

Student Career Pathway Examples

The study of STEM Robotics with additional post-secondary study may lead to these careers:

Robotics Engineers *Bright Outlook* *Green Job*

Robotics Technicians *Bright Outlook* *Green Job*

Electro-Mechanical Technicians *Green Job*

Mechanical Engineering Technicians

Mechanical Engineering Technologists *Bright Outlook* *Green Job*

Manufacturing Production Technicians *Bright Outlook* *Green Job*

Industrial Engineering Technicians *Green Job*

Manufacturing Engineering Technologists *Bright Outlook* *Green Job*

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for industrial engineers was $83,470 in May 2015. The top 10 percent earned more than $126,920. 

Industry Connections & Program Partnerships

exxon       src     


vencore         micron