Happy School Principal Appreciation Week!

By Bonnie Wannett
January 13, 2022

In celebration of Virginia School Principal Appreciation Week, we would like to recognize Mr. Scott Settar, administrator for Chantilly Academy.  Mr. Settar is beloved by staff, students, and parents.  Thank you for all you do, Mr. Settar. 

"Mr. Settar is an extremely engaging administrator at the Chantilly Academy. His ongoing support for the CyberPatriot program and other student activities consistently enables us to strive to do better. Additionally, we always know that Mr. Settar can be counted on when issues arise. The CyberPatriot Teams and I tremendously appreciate the dedication and time that he spends to make things happen at the Academy!

- Thomas (student)

"Since my freshman year, Mr. Settar’s deep involvement in the academy has been evident through his effort to always be present, whether in the hallway or in our classrooms. I can always count on him to greet me by name and ask how I am doing. Having an administrator like Mr. Settar is reassuring, because he is dependable and always willing to advocate for classes in the academy, which makes our experience all the more better."

-Mahima (student)

"When thinking about the number of ways he supports the faculty and staff in the building, it is with total admiration and appreciation.  He quietly assumes the leadership role in a way that creates a welcoming work climate that motivates and encourages employees at all levels.  When considering the impact Mr. Settar has on a day-to-day basis, it is really all the small ways that matter most to the teachers such as advocating to have a wall taken down to create a better lab space,  making sure there are enough crickets for the Vet Science class, being a countless volunteer to have his blood pressure taken by students, or rolling up his sleeves and making teachers a hot breakfast.  Mr. Settar is truly a good human!"

-staff member

"Mr. Settar, has always been supportive of all our academy classes and is easy to talk too and a good listener."

-Grant (student)

"Principal Settar is one of the best principals my family has had the privilege to work with. He greets his academy students  daily with a warm positive smile and truly cares about their success in his Academy! He strives to help them explore all the incredible opportunities the Chantilly Academy has to offer every student."

-Karen (parent)