Engineering Math

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High School Credits: 1 Credit

Engineering Math addresses salient mathematics topics studied in the core college engineering classes of Statics, Dynamics, Circuits, Strength of Materials, Electromagnetics and Vibrations. Topics covered include algebra,, trigonometry, 2-D and 3D vectors, matrices, complex numbers, phase shifted sinusoids, phasors, differential and integral calculus, linear differential equations with constant coefficients and Laplace transforms. Course material is taught through hands-on engineering physical experiments and is thoroughly integrated with MATLAB engineering analysis software.


  • Basic Algebraic Manipulations, Trigonometry, 2-D Vectors, Complex Numbers, 3-D Vectors and Matrices, Sinusoids, Basics of Differentiation, Basics of Integration, Linear DEQs w/ Constant Coeffs are driven by “real world” engineering applications

Program Features:

  • This course may be used to satisfy one credit toward the Math requirement.
  • Thoroughly integrated with the engineering analysis software,

Student Career Pathway Examples 

  • The study of Engineering Math with additional post-secondary study may lead to these careers:

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