Additional Information and Academy Policies

Academy ID Stickers

FCPS School IDs are issued to every student once their school picture is taken at their base school. Chantilly Academy will issue a Chantilly Academy ID Sticker that will be placed on the back of their base school ID to identify the student as an academy student. Students must have this ID on them at all times while on the grounds of Chantilly High School. Stickers will be distributed to the academy teachers to apply to student IDs. Stickers can also be picked up in the Academy Office. Students must present their IDs in order to receive a sticker.

Discipline and Dress Code

All FCPS students are expected to follow the dress code and discipline guidelines as set forth in the Student Rights & Responsibilities handbook given out at the beginning of each school year through their base school. The annual SR&R quiz should be taken at the student’s base school. All FCPS discipline policies stated in the SR&R are enforced at Chantilly Academy. Students are subject to Chantilly High School discipline guidelines while on the CHS campus. If students encounter a disciplinary issue at the Academy, the Academy Administrator will work with the student’s base school administrator to determine and administer the proper disciplinary consequences.

Opt-Out Forms

In its Annual Notice of Survey, Records, Curriculum, Privacy, and Related Rights and Opt-Out Forms (Annual Notice), FCPS provides explanations of student and parent rights as well as forms that may be used to exercise opt-out choices. Two versions of the Annual Notice are available—a grades K-8 version and grades 9-12 version. Parents with children at different grade levels should read each applicable version of the Annual Notice because the notices and opt-out rights vary depending on the student’s grade level.

As part of school system efforts to cut costs, FCPS will no longer provide print versions of the opt-out booklets. Parents may access the complete Annual Notice opt-out booklet online (requires use of Adobe Acrobat) at: (grades 9-12 version).

Parents may also request a paper copy from the principal’s office at their child’s base school. Any parent or guardian who objects to his or her child's participation in any or all of the activities described in the opt-out booklet should complete and return the appropriate forms to the academy office and the base school office.

Class Fees (if required)

Please reference to your student’s class syllabus or teacher documentation for any class fee information.  Please remember, all checks must be written out to Chantilly Academy and include your students name and student ID# in the memo section of the check.


Any non-CHS student that will be at Chantilly Academy during a lunch period, should talk to their teacher about receiving lunch through Chantilly HS since special arrangements will need to be made.