Transportation to Chantilly Academy

Tips for Riding the Shuttle Bus

  • Be On Time! Missing class because you missed the shuttle bus is considered an unexcused absence. Be sure to leave your class 5-10 minutes before the scheduled departure time of your shuttle bus. Buses are on a very tight schedule. Remember, your watch may not be synchronized with your bus driver’s watch! If a student misses their shuttle that returns them to their base school, the student/parents are responsible for transportation back to the base school. Parents will be called to arrange transportation.
  • Be Patient! The first couple of weeks of school are hectic for everyone, including bus drivers. It may take a week or two before everything runs smoothly. If you are having trouble with your shuttle bus schedule, please notify the Academy Office at 703-222-7460 so we can work with the Transportation Office to resolve the problem.
  • Check with your School Attendance Office or Counselor at your base school to determine the departure time, waiting area, and the shuttle number for your bus. The Chantilly Academy Office also has this information. All buses arrive Chantilly Academy at door 5 and depart from door 6.
  • Shuttle drop off/pick up while at the Academy: Students will be dropped off at door 5 and picked up at door 6 at Chantilly Academy. After class, several shuttle buses arrive at once, which requires them to line up at the side of the school. Students should exit door 6 and check with the driver’s for their specific shuttle. Students riding shuttle buses are released 5-10 minutes early so that they can get to their shuttle on time.  Students should promptly board the shuttles and not wait for a 2nd shuttle (if applicable) which may cause them to miss the shuttle entirely. If necessary, student will be directed to a 2nd shuttle be the shuttle drivers.

Altered Schedule: The Academy shuttle bus schedules stay constant and do not change when base schools have altered schedules due to testing, pep rallies, or other specific events. The Academy shuttles are canceled only on a Delayed Opening, an Early Release, or on PSAT testing day.