How to Request a NOVA Transcript

  1. Obtain your NOVA ID #, Username, and Password
    • If you are unsure of your ID number/username/password you can obtain them by calling:  703.426.4141     
  2. Once you have your NOVA ID#, Username, and Password follow the link:
  3. Log in using your NOVA username and Password:
  4. Enter and verify your student information and click submit on the page:
  5. Select Destination and Documents

Select your destination(s):

•Organization: Search Parchment’s Receiver Network for your destination.

•Myself: Select your preferred delivery method by choosing the appropriate Product Type.

•Other Individual: Fill in the destination information and preferred delivery method by choosing the appropriate Product Type and send your transcript virtually anywhere.

  1. Order Details
  • Click Checkout to continue the ordering process or Continue Shopping to send your transcript to additional destinations.
  1. Provide Consent
  • Provide electronic consent for the release of your academic records by your institution to the recipient(s) you provided.
  1. Step 7: Payment ($10 for an E-transcript, $15 for a paper transcript)
  • Fill in the applicable payment and billing information.
  1. Step 8: Review Order
  • Review all order details before processing your order.
  1. Upon successfully submitting your order for processing, you will receive an Order Receipt email.