Distance Learning Information

As our distance learning continues to evolve---please check this page often.  We want this page to become a place where students, parents, and community partners can get important information, hear good news, and a place where we can remain a learning community.  We have missed the faces of all of our students each day as they walked in Door 5 of Chantilly Academy.  We are going to remain positive and excited to continue connecting in all of our classes.  

Student Schedule

  • Monday - Individual Work Day
  • Tuesday - Virtual Classes 
    • 1st 9:15-10am
    • 3rd 10:30-11:15
    • 5th 12:15-1pm
    • 7th 1:30-2:15pm
  • Wednesday - Individual Work Day and Teacher Office Hours
  • Thursday - Virtual Classes
    • 2nd 9:15-10
    • 4th 10:30-11:15
    • 6th 12:15-1pm
    • 8th  1:30-2:15pm
  • Friday - Individual Work Day and Teacher Office Hours

Classes that are two credits or more may use the additional class time for synchronous or asynchronous instruction. Each teacher will share their plan for distance learning with the students. 


Academy Counselors

The Chantilly Academy Counselors will be available Monday-Friday to support students. If you need support during this time, have questions about registration and Academy course scheduling, or Dual Enrollment please don't hesitate to reach our the Academy Counselors.

Career Experience Specialist

The Chantilly Academy Career Experience Specialist will be available Monday-Friday to support students in their college and career readiness goals. If you have questions about resumes, interviewing, scholarships, internships, or other work-based learning questions, please reach out.

Academy Support

he Academy Support Team, composed of resource teachers who have backgrounds in Special Education and English as a Second Language (ESL), work with all students, particularly those with special needs.

Celebrating Success

During this time we think it really important to celebrate student success both inside and out of the classroom. Each day we will try to add student success stories to this page to share out. Check back frequently.