Celebrating Success

Academy Awards 2020

Everyday we are proud of our students and their accomplishments. We will continue to highlight and celebrate success! Check often as we add more student stories.  We can't wait to hear about your next adventure---to be featured, email Mrs. Wannett 

Madison- Criminal Justice:

madison w

"My plan after graduation is to continue my interest in criminal justice by attending James Madison University (JMU) and majoring in Political Science with a minor in Criminal Justice. This year I had an internship with the General District Court System in Fairfax County and I rotated between each division; criminal, traffic, and civil. I would be in charge of filing cases, entering new cases into the system, working on special projects for judges, and I had the opportunity to go watch a variety of trials during my time there. I was the only high school intern, working with college and law school students and I gained a lot of experience from my peers and the employees there. In such a short time frame I gained some great experience and loved every minute."

"While my internship was cut short this year, I would like to reapply next year as a Summer Intern to continue the experience and building of my social network. I also plan on looking at study abroad opportunities that allow me to study at Oxford in relation to Political Science and Criminal Justice. I’m excited to be just as involved in JMU as I was in Chantilly clubs and excited for what this next chapter has to offer!"

Congrats, Madison!

Saumith- STEM:

Saumith G

"During my time at Chantilly High School, I have taken several engineering courses including Design and Tech, STEM Engineering, AP Computer Science A, Engineering Systems 1, Robotic Systems 1 and 2, and Engineering Math. Aside from academics however, I was also a teacher for American Computer Science League, played Ultimate Frisbee, was the mechanical captain and chief operations officer for Chantilly Robotics, and became an Eagle Scout in Troop 1983. Furthermore, I also participated in events such as Northrop Grumman’s STEM Innovation challenge and their ThinSat program. All of these courses and activities, as well as the people that I was working with, have given me the opportunity to develop my time management, organization, and leadership skills, and prepared me for my future career as an engineer. After graduation I will attend Virginia Tech (VT) to pursue a major in Aerospace Engineering. Similar to my involvement at Chantilly, I am thrilled to become immersed in VT’s culture. Whether I end up joining intramural sports or clubs such as the Formula SAE team, I am excited to meet new people and see what the future has in store for me."

Congrats, Saumith!

Manas- Cyber:

manas k

"I am a rising freshman at Virginia Tech. I am planning on studying cybersecurity and Computer science using the skills I’ve gained from the Chantilly Academy. I took regular computer science in my freshman year, AP Computer Science A in sophomore year, Security + in junior year and Computer Systems Tech and Engineering Math in Senior year. Overall all five of these courses really shaped how I thought about the world around me and instead of looking at situations and seeing problems, I saw them as opportunities. They helped me understand how to think in a certain way, not just code on a screen or hardware in a computer, they taught me what the entire picture is, how each part is vital to each other. Of course, I gained the normal experience of working with computers and writing code, but I truly realized how much there is for me to learn about this field and it really drove me to explore more vastly into it. In my junior year, I was offered to teach at the cybersecurity camp in the Chantilly Academy over the summer, I took that job not only because it was my first paying job, but because of what kinds of doors it would open for me. The main reason I was able to cope up with teaching almost 70 students in that camp was through the skills taught to me by my wonderful teachers. When I was younger, I would always feel like coding was so difficult and boring, but I never really gave it a chance. But honestly, for a lot of people they feel the same way, I figured out how to get around that block by first starting on something that I enjoyed working on. For me, this was hardware because I always tinkered with hardware at my house. However, I always felt like I was missing something, I couldn’t move forward because I was lacking in computer science skill to set up the software of the computer itself. Giving computer science a shot was one of the best things that could have happened to me and now started changing my entire life."

Congrats, Manas!

Caroline-STEM & Air Force JROTC:

Caroline W

"After college I am going to attend the Citadel in South Carolina. I am not sure what I am majoring in yet but i think either computer science or mechanical engineering. I will being playing soccer and be on an AFROTC scholarship. My time JROTC helped me realizes that I want to go into the air force after college and STEM engineering helped me choose the majors I am thinking about pursuing."

Congrats, Caroline!

Charlotte-Medical Assistant:


"I'll be attending Xavier University while majoring in Nursing. The academy classes really helped me confirm that healthcare, specifically nursing, was the right fit for me. Also, I feel that I will have a bit of a leg up going into the program since I already have my Medical Assistant license from the class at Chantilly."

Congrats, Charlotte!

Nicole-Medical Assistant:


"While I was shadowing at a medical office, I was fortunate enough to be offered a job as a medical assistant. I have been working as a medical assistant while also being a senior at Chantilly High School since August of 2019. I am proud to be the youngest in my office and always fascinated by the new things I have learned everyday. I always knew I wanted to work in the medical field. If it wasn’t for the Medical Assistant class here in the Chantilly Academy, I wouldn’t have the experiences I have today. I have experience in taking vital signs, giving shots, taking x rays, doing EKGs, and many more. During this pandemic, I have even tested patients for COVID-19."

"After high school, I plan on still working as a medical assistant. I will be going to Northern Virginia Community College to gain my phlebotomy certificate to obtain another needed skill. After that, I plan on taking classes to become a nurse."

Congrats, Nicole!

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